Offshore wind white paper

Offshore wind farms are playing a critical role in the progressive global energy transition. As an established supplier to the wind industry ABB leverages its decades of experience as a leader in marine, offshore and subsea power systems to offer a complete portfolio of innovative technology solutions.

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Winds of change

On the move towards a reliable, secure and more sustainable energy future

The 2030 and 2050 Net Zero targets, although significant, serve as intermediate milestones in what is part of a much longer journey. Making the changes needed is about more than simply meeting these dates; it's about the extensive transformation required to revolutionize how we generate, distribute, and consume energy. To lessen our reliance on hydrocarbon fuels, a blend of strategies is necessary, each complementing the other to build the necessary infrastructure required to achieve the Net Zero global ambitions. This white paper looks at the role that offshore wind is already playing as an enabler for the energy transition, the importance of partnership in fulfilling its potential and how ABB can and its technologies can help. 
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