AlarmInsight AlarmHelper

Provides easy access to alarm documentation and operator alarm handling

The AlarmHelper operator view is integrated into the 800xA operator workplace and is available from the right click menu on object faceplates and alarm lists. In addition to the core alarm response information, the AlarmHelper operator display may also support supplementary information under separate tabs. (example: tag/alarm change information from the Alarm Change Recorder.)


AlarmHelper is typically populated as a result of an Alarm Rationalization exercise. This can be done using the Alarm Rationalization Tool, which can export the operator response text into AlarmHelper (via Excel file export/import), or alternatively AlarmHelper can read directly from the Alarm Rationalization Tool database.

The AlarmHelper resides on an application server accessible from the client-server network. The alarm response information is stored in a Microsoft SQL server.

Key Benefits

  • Improved operator HSE: With AlarmHelper, operators can make better informed decisions. This will in turn improve operator confidence.
  • Information sharing: The operator comment functionality simplifies the information sharing between operators. An operator can easily add comments to an alarm.
  • Regulations: International standards explain that alarm information must be available to the operators.

Key Functionality

The AlarmHelper provides easy access to alarm documentation and operator alarm handling guidance from the AlarmInsight alarm database. Operators access the AlarmHelper aspect from a faceplate, graphic element or alarm list.

The AlarmHelper function will provide the following information to help operators assess and respond to a particular alarm condition:

  • Highlight active alarms
  • Cause of alarm
  • Consequence of alarm if missed
  • Suggested operator action
  • Time to react

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