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Helping customers keep production running

The key to providing world-class service is to respond quickly, and provide better solutions than can be found elsewhere. ABB provides a range of reliable maintenance and field services to keep production running.

Faced with shrinking budgets and market pressures, plant managers may fail to consider a service plan for automation. A well-planned and executed service program will ensure maximum uptime, reduce overall costs, and contribute to the safety of people and processes.

ABB service personnel are trained in the latest diagnostic, repair, and service practices to ensure high value for your process automation investment. The right service will help you:

  • Achieve higher automation availability
  • Reduce meantime to repair
  • Keep production running

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The ABB field services team is global, with more than 10,000 professionals providing fast, reliable, and efficient response. ABB helps you keep production running with:

  • Demand Services
  • Proactive Services
  • On-site Performance Verification
  • On-site Calibration and Certification
  • On-site Repair Services

Demand Services

Maintenance departments tend to be thinly staffed. Maintenance employees have many duties and cover multiple plant areas. Even with well-staffed maintenance departments, plant managers usually can only partly fulfill automation service needs.

Given constant technology changes and the dynamics of reactive maintenance, it is difficult for plant managers to consistently adhere to an automation service program. It is often more effective to rely on outside experts who provide these services on a demand basis.

ABB Demand Services can support your in-house resources when your maintenance personnel either lack the capacity or capability to conduct needed service. ABB brings in-depth knowledge and experience in servicing your automation.

Proactive Service
Process automation is designed to support reliable and safe operations. Still, a certain level of service is required to ensure a high level of integrity. Over time, normal wear and tear degrades the reliability and accuracy of even the most robust process automation.

ABB Proactive Service ensures the uptime of your automation, and your production process. For example, ABB’s ServicePro 3.0 Service Management System collects, manages and applies global best practices for automation service to improve automation availability and keep production running.

On-site Performance Verification
In cases where full certification is not needed or not possible, using special hardware/software packages, we can perform predictive diagnostics on specific automation to verify performance and compare results against original manufactured specification.

On-site Calibration and Certification

We assist with independent, on-site calibration in accordance with agreed schedules to ensure specific industry regulatory standards are met. All equipment used is certified and fully traceable according to national accreditation standards in your country (e.g., National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US, UK Accreditation Service, etc).

On-Site Repair Service

Centralized coordination of field-based service specialists ensures prompt on-site reactive test and repair of all ABB process automation. We also offer service agreements for customers requiring specific response times for crucial processes and equipment.


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