A SupportLine technical telephone support subscription provides priority access to knowledgeable ABB systems and equipment technical support resources.


  • Guaranteed response time
  • Priority support
  • Fast, reliable access to ABB’s extensive support network
  • 24-hour support availability
  • Monitored case status ensures expedient resolution

A SupportLine telephone technical support subscription provides fast access to ABB experienced technical support resources, with call priority. In fact, up to 80% of all user inquiries received in our customer service center are resolved during the initial contact with a support engineer.

During emergency or non-emergency situations, SupportLine processes include state-of-the-art call management, fax support, and e-mail response to quickly route requests to appropriate resources, 24 hours a day.

Telephone Technical Support

Maintain systems and equipment operation at top performance

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Support network
Support upgrades

Each support case is carefully tracked by the assigned support specialist to ensure expedient and complete resolution. If escalation becomes necessary, our support structure includes 24-hour access to ABB global product and development resources.

Up-to-date information

Technical support engineers are up-to-date on the latest product information and have access to extensive technical information for ABB products and systems. This includes a library of system and process knowledge and documentation.

An archive of support case resolutions is also available to assist in expediting the resolution of support requests. This tool set, combined with on-going training programs, assures the most accurate and qualified response.

Subscription levels

SupportLine subscription options include three levels of support. Select a level based on anticipated support requirements.

Support Levels include Gold, Silver and Bronze.

SupportLine subscription levels
Annual Support hours
SupportLine Gold 35
SupportLine Silver 20
SupportLine Bronze 10

Support upgrades

Remote Enabled Services

Remote Enabled Troubleshooting is available as an add-on to your SupportLine agreement. This allows enhanced support of your control system through secure remote connectivity. A direct view of the on-site system by the support engineer leads to more effective communication and assistance which results in quicker case resolution. The secure remote connection also facilitates enhanced Remote Enabled Services such as periodic and continuous system reporting and monitoring. Remote Enabled Services are a valuable compliment to SupportLine as well as on-site services in the optimum maintenance of automation assets.

Priority response

The SupportLine Plus option is available for select SupportLine and Remote Connectivity Services. This option provides subscribers the added value of a guaranteed one-hour or less response time, and case-tracking capability for open and closed support case history.


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