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Reducing time to resolution through improved collaboration using augmented reality technology

Visual Remote Support helps simplify maintenance, reduce downtime, increase equipment effectiveness and improve safety by applying on the spot knowledge. By taking advantage of augmented reality it brings ABB field service to your site virtually which allows you to expand the technical capabilities of your workforce as they gain hands-on maintenance experience from ABB’s global network of specialists.

Key benefits:

  1. Reduce downtime and costs by resolving issues more quickly
  2. Connect instantly to the right expert and information
  3. Improve safety and awareness
  4. Enhance quality of repairs and associated asset life 
  5. Increase knowledge base through access to previously solved problems

Remote expert support case studies


European mining customer


Customer need: One of Europe’s largest and most active open-pit copper mines was experiencing high numbers of equipment failure due to the harsh geographic environment. Each failure resulted in an average 4-hour downtime causing losses of $100K.


ABB’s solution: ABB’s remote expert support solution allowed on-site technicians to collaborate with ABB experts remotely to repair a failed drives module.


Outcome: The audio-visual capabilities of the AR application allowed the ABB expert to see what the customer was seeing and provide them with instructions to repair the module. The repair was done in 30 minutes, thereby reducing downtime and associated costs.



European pulp and paper customer


Customer need: Improve the effectiveness of field service and, in turn, asset availability and productivity.


ABB’s solution: The customer’s field service engineers and ABB experts used Microsoft Hololens headsets imparted with AR technology containing maintenance strategies, documentation, guidance, access to expertise, and other ABB service best practices.


Outcome: Maintenance issues that would normally result in days of downtime for travel, troubleshooting and resolution were instead solved in hours.



Global marine customer


Customer need: One of the world’s largest marine shipping operators needed remote maintenance to support problem-solving and troubleshooting for its global fleet to reduce impact of maintenance issues while at sea.


ABB’s solution: Service delivered through augmented reality greatly extended the ability of onboard maintenance technicians to address issues they would have otherwise lacked the experience to diagnose and complete.


Outcome: ABB experts could diagnose issues from thousands of miles away and provide onboard maintenance crews with instructions to solve problems, thereby eliminating the need for reroutes, harbor stops and associated costs.


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