ABB mySpareParts Analyzer

Ensure production availability and prevent stock-related interruptions or delays

The ABB mySpareParts Analyzer is a self-service tool that enables you to upload your site’s spare parts inventory and receive a report with key indicators including risk factors, lifecycle status and replacement options.

This analysis helps identify gaps in your spare parts inventory to prevent downtime and optimize production. This is a simple way to identify stock problems before they cause delays or errors.

How it works

mySpareParts Analyzer is an initial step to a self-service customer experience that provides standalone value and enables long-term parts strategy and analysis.

Self-service – Validate your part numbers quickly and efficiently

1. Cut and paste part numbers and quantities into the excel template and receive an alert of data concerns via matched/mismatched part number chart

2. Qualify your information by answering 4 simple questions about your spare parts

3. Submit data via the upload button and receive a confirmation of its acceptance

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