ABB mySpareParts Manager

Take control of parts management to prevent stock-related interruptions

During scheduled maintenance or emergency situations, not having the necessary replacement parts on hand can increase downtime and logistic costs. Planning for critical parts in advance is the most efficient and economical way to protect the operational reliability of your facility.

The mySpareParts Manager in myABB utilizes your installed base configuration and your spares inventory data to create a recommended stock report and gap analysis.  These reports are critical to quality site spares management help increase production efficiencies and reduce costs.                  

How it works

The ABB mySpareParts Manager tool is used in conjunction with the mySpareParts Analyzer, a self-service tool that enables you to upload your site’s spare parts inventory and receive a report with key indicators including risk factors, lifecycle status, and replacement options.

These tools together help you identify gaps spare parts inventory to prevent downtime and optimize production, in order to identify stock problems before they cause delays or errors.

mySpareParts Manager features

  • Review current installed base, part associations, inventory (ABB and Non-ABB)
  • Download and upload inventories
  • Filter site and parts information
  • Manage Non-ABB parts
  • Identify and classify parts risk levels
  • Generate customized parts, gap, and supply analysis reports

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