First fix the leak: Better use and management of water

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Technology can save enough water for generations to come through proper monitoring, control, leakage detection and management. Myriad technologies implemented in global projects will help us preserve this fast-depleting natural resource.

More often than not it is not the scarcity of natural resources that is the problem – it is how well we manage it. Take water, detecting leakages, monitoring consumption and ensuring a system that facilitates water distribution in the most efficient and effective way are crucial to managing this vital resource.

Thanks to a multitude of solutions from ABB, water management is now easier and more reliable. The investment in technology far outweighs the benefits realized while providing sufficient water to millions.

ABB has several systems and solutions implemented across the world to address the water problem in society and industry, from treating water to better distribution. Here we take a look at two projects that have helped cities address their water woes.

Using digital technology to address water crisis for 11 million people

Hit by extreme drought and salination, more than 11 million people in Bangkok faced severe water shortage, which would be further aggravated if leakages to the tune of 25% in the water distribution system were not fixed.

Thanks to the timely efforts of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA), which supplies drinking water in the Bangkok Metropolitan area, the water scarcity issue is now a thing of the past. 

    ABB Systems Monitor And Track Water Loss In A City Of 11 Million That Consumes 5 Million Cubic Meters Of Water A Day - Enough To Fill 2,300 Olympic-Sized Pools.

MWA now uses more than 400 ABB digital flowmeters and pressure transmitters throughout Bangkok to monitor usage and leakage of water. 

The reliable flow measurement and remote monitoring capabilities from ABB enable each flowmeter to send critical information using GSM-SMS radio technology to provide accurate and early warnings on leaks, which are sent to the MWA central control room. Authorities are now able to resolve problems faster, reducing the amount of water lost.

MWA aims to further reduce water losses to 19 percent by 2021.

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    Supichete Tavorntaveevong, Director of the Water Loss Management department at MWA.

    “To minimize water loss, we use ABB flowmeters, which provide high-resolution data that facilitate leakage detection and water network analysis in the Bangkok Metropolitan area.”

Remote measurement to cut leakage by 40%

    Accuracy and reliability of water consumption and leakage is critical to better water management. Trouble-free operation with low maintenance is an added advantage with ABB’s portfolio.

    Massive water loss of 60% can be extremely painful, especially for a city like Riyadh with 4.5 million people spread over an area that is five times the size of Paris.

    Aiming to reduce the loss by 40%, government-owned National Water Company partnered with ABB to address the water leakage along the 6,000-mile long pipeline used to distribute water in the city.

    ABB deployed a digital solution of 900 flowmeters, part of the high accuracy and reliable range of AquaMaster and WaterMaster range. The lengthy and widely distributed pipeline network demands such flowmeters that ensure a long, maintenance-free operating life under the most difficult conditions. For those locations where no power was available, the flowmeters are battery-powered, avoiding the high maintenance associated with miniature solar panels.

    These flowmeters use advanced data communications to transmit critical data to the central control room to enable early detection of leaks.

    With this solution in place, the people of Riyadh can breathe easy as the government continues its efforts to further improve the water distribution system.

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Measurement matters

ABB with its wide array of products, systems and digital solutions offers enhanced support for the entire water management cycle.

For example, ABB motors and variable speed drives installed at over a dozen pumping stations across the cities contribute significantly to saving energy and distributing water reliably. ABB’s medium-voltage switchgears ensure reliable power supply to the pumping systems.

As climate change continues to impact water supply, coastal cities around the world are exploring how innovative ABB technology can make sure that the world’s most precious commodity continues to flow.

To learn more about how ABB creates solutions for sustainable water management visit our UN World Water Day page.

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