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Detailed information for: OTDC1000FV22-ESS

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Data Sheet
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General Information

  • Extended Product Type:
  • Product ID:
  • EAN:
  • Catalog Description:
    OTDC1000FV22-ESS DC Switch-disconnector
  • Long Description:
    ABB offers new OTDC Switch-disconnectors specially designed for reliable switching for ESS applications were higher performance is needed. They are durable and virtually maintenance-free, and offer easy installation for all imaginable situations.
    Depending on the ESS layout and the customer’s wishes, the OTDC switch-disconnectors may be used in one or more sections of the overall setup, for the battery protection.
    Main characteristics of this particular OTDC type:
    Rated conditional short circuit current with fuses is 30kA, 4-Pole, 1500Vdc, Approved according to IEC 60947-1, -3

Circular Value

  • ABB EcoSolutions:
  • Circular Design Principles Recyclability Rate:
    Design for Closing Resource Loops - Standard EN45555 - 59,09 %
  • Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT):
  • End of Life Instructions:
  • Environmental Product Declaration - EPD:
  • Group Waste to Landfill Target:
    Non-hazardous waste is sent to a landfill, where there is no alternative option available within 100km of a facility
  • Improved Resource Efficiency for Customers:
    Product Efficiency - Product considered more energy-efficient compared to similar product on market or older products from the same line
  • REACH Declaration:
  • RoHS Information:
  • Toxic Substances Control Act - TSCA:

Eco Transparency


  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number:
  • Country of Origin:
    Finland (FI)

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  • Product Frame Size:
  • Product Net Width:
    196.2 mm
    7.7 in
  • Product Net Height:
    211 mm
    8.3 in
  • Product Net Depth / Length:
    148 mm
    5.8 in
  • Product Net Weight:
    9.7 kg
    21.3 lb


  • Connection Configuration:
    Single circuit 6c, 6g
  • Rated Operational Current DC-21B (Ie):
    (1500 V) 1000 A
  • Conventional Free-air Thermal Current (Ith):
    Θ = 40 °C 1000 A
  • Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp):
    12 kV
  • Rated Operational Voltage:
    1500 V
  • Rated Short-Circuit Making Capacity (Icm):
    (1500 V DC) 63 kA
  • Rated Short-time Withstand Current Low Voltage (Icw):
    (1500 V DC) 10 kA
    for 1 s 10 kA
    for 0.1 s 63 kA
  • Rated Conditional Short-Circuit Current (Inc):
    (1500 V DC) 100 kA
  • Protection Type:
    Any fuse which does not exceed Iq,RMS= 100kA and I2t= 1,08Ma2s
  • Power Loss:
    at Rated Operating Conditions per Pole 30...32 W
  • Handle Type:
    Handle and shaft not included
  • Positive Opening Operation Torque (Direct Opening Action):
    18 … 30 N·m
  • Shaft Diameter:
    12 mm
    0.47 in
  • Switches Operating Mechanism:
    Mechanism Between the Poles
    22 (Between the Poles)
  • Position of Line Terminals:
    Top In - Bottom Out
    Bottom In - Top Out
  • Operating Mode:
    Front Operated
  • Standards:
    IEC 60947-1, -3
  • Special Functions:
  • Mounting Type:
    Base Mounting
  • Number of Circuits:
  • Number of Poles:
  • Terminal Width:
    30 mm
    1.2 in
  • Utilization:
    Energy Storage System (ESS)
  • Utilization Category:
    Switching of resistive loads, including moderate overloads - occasional actuation (DC-21B)
    Switching of single PV string(s) without reverse and overcurrents (DC-PV1)


  • RoHS Status:
    Following EU Directive 2011/65/EU and Amendment 2015/863 July 22, 2019
  • Toxic Substances Control Act - TSCA:

Certificates and Declarations

Container Information

  • Package Level 1 Units:
    box 1 piece
  • Package Level 1 Width:
    270 mm
    10.6 in
  • Package Level 1 Depth / Length:
    310 mm
    12.2 in
  • Package Level 1 Height:
    200 mm
    7.9 in
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
    10 kg
    22 lb
  • Package Level 1 EAN:


  • Object Classification Code:
  • ETIM 7:
    EC000216 - Switch disconnector
  • ETIM 8:
    EC000216 - Switch disconnector
  • ETIM 9:
    EC000216 - Switch disconnector (low voltage)
  • eClass:
    V11.1 : 27371403
  • WEEE Category:
    5. Small Equipment (No External Dimension More Than 50 cm)
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