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Detailed information for: CM-UFD.M31

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General Information

  • Extended Product Type:
  • Product ID:
  • EAN:
  • Catalog Description:
    CM-UFD.M31 Grid feeding monitoring relay 3c/o,L-L= 0-540VAC,L-N=0-312VAC
  • Long Description:
    The CM-UFD.M31 is a multi-functional grid feeding monitoring relay, which provides interface protection and is to be installed between a renewable energy system and the public grid. This innovative relay guarantees grid stability and seeks to prevent blackouts. If the voltage or frequency magnitudes of the public grid are outside the permited range, then the device changes status and acts to disconnect the renewable energy system from the public grid by sending a signal to a decoupling unit (e.g. contactor, switch disconnector or circuit breaker). As soon as the grid is stable again, the system may automatically reconnected. The CM-UFD.M31 provides different monitoring functions including over-/undervoltage and over-/underfrequency as well as rate of change of frequency (RoCoF) and vector shift monitoring functions, which detect a loss of mains event. This grid feed monitoring relay is certified in accordance to VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE-AR-N 4110 & VDE-AR-N 4120.


  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number:

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  • Product Net Width:
    108 mm
  • Product Net Height:
    90 mm
  • Product Net Depth / Length:
    67 mm
  • Product Net Weight:
    0.304 kg


  • Function:
    Over- and undervoltage monitoring
    Interrupted neutral monitoring
    Over- and underfrequency monitoring
    10 minutes average value monitoring
    Vector shift detection
    ROCOF monitoring
  • Standards:
    VDE-AR-N 4105
    VDE-AR-N 4110
    VDE-AR-N 4120
  • Measuring Range:
    0 ... 540 V AC
  • Rated Control Supply Voltage (Us):
    24 ... 240 V AC/DC
  • Output:
    3 c/o (SPDT) contacts
  • Terminal Type:
    Screw Terminals


  • Ambient Air Temperature:
    Operation -20 ... +60 °C
    Storage -25 ... +50 °C
  • RoHS Status:
    Following EU Directive 2011/65/EU

Technical UL/CSA

  • Connecting Capacity UL/CSA:
    Flexible with Ferrule 1x 24-12 AWG
    Flexible with Ferrule 2x 24-18 AWG
    Flexible with Insulated Ferrule 1x 24-12 AWG
    Flexible with Insulated Ferrule 2x 24-18 AWG
    Flexible 1x 24-12 AWG
    Flexible 2x 24-16 AWG
    Rigid 1x 24-10 AWG
    Rigid 2x 24-16 AWG
  • Tightening Torque UL/CSA:
    4.4 ... 5.3 in·lb

Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)

Container Information

  • Package Level 1 Units:
    box 1 piece
  • Package Level 1 Width:
    121 mm
  • Package Level 1 Height:
    99 mm
  • Package Level 1 Depth / Length:
    71 mm
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
    0.36 kg
  • Package Level 1 EAN:


  • Object Classification Code:
  • ETIM 4:
    EC001438 - Voltage monitoring relay
  • ETIM 5:
    EC001438 - Voltage monitoring relay
  • ETIM 6:
    EC001438 - Voltage monitoring relay
  • ETIM 7:
    EC001438 - Voltage monitoring relay
  • ETIM 8:
    EC001438 - Voltage monitoring relay
  • eClass:
    V11.0 : 27371801
  • E-Number (Finland):
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