Universal measurement computer
SensyCal FCU400-G

The SensyCal FCU400-G is a gas flow computer and translator designed for industrial gas flow calculations and gas measurements for accounting purposes.



The measurement computer can be used in conjunction with all standard flowmeters that provide a pulse signal, frequency signal, or mA signal, such as orifices, ultrasound flowmeters, swirl flowmeters, or vortex flowmeters.
The split-range procedure, compressibility factor, flow coefficient correction, and expansion rate correction are possible in the standard program in the case of flow measurement involving orifices.
With the standard program, process signals from the following measuring devices can be processed:
– Flowmeters
– Pressure transmitters
– Temperature sensor (Pt100 or via transmitter).
The physical compensation and conversion of the flow are calculated in accordance with EN ISO 5167-1 and VDI/VDO 2040.


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