IRB 390 FlexPacker™

Opening new possibilities for ultra-fast high payload picking and packing


The IRB 390 FlexPacker is a ground-breaking innovation in Delta Robot technology

IRB 390 FlexPacker delta robot is designed for rapid changeover times that accompany the growth of low volume, high mix production to respond to the revolution of new consumer demands. It addresses the rising demand for Shelf Ready- (SRP) and Retail Ready packaging (RRP) by promoting shelf presence, enabling higher payload and flexibility while maintaining speed.

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Key features

15 kg Payload

High flexibility in materials handling,
packaging and sorting applications


15 kg with 4 axis
10 kg with 5 axis


35% faster and 45%
larger working volume*

Safety & Hygiene

NSF H1 Food Grade Lubricants
and FDA compliant material


Class leading payload capacity

The IRB 390’s high 15kg payload and large working range enables multiple product picks, expanding the range of products that can be handled and offering an increased throughput per robot.

Flexible handling

The variant with a 5th axis offers greater dexterity and flexibility than equivalent 4-axis robots, including the ability to vertically orient boxes and parcels, while achieving higher speeds than 6-axis units.

Fast performance

With its class leading cycle time performance, the IRB 390 can pick products from high-speed systems running at up to 100 m/min and place them into cases, trays, crates or other packaging formats.

Increased productivity

Working seamlessly with ABB’s IRB 360 FlexPickerTM and PickMaster® Twin, ABB’s market leading robotic software for vision-guided random flow picking and packing applications, allowing the building of simulated packing stations to optimize the picking process.


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*Compared to IRB 360-8/1130
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