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Customer storyPublication dateIndustryProductApplication
Hawa achieve tireless production and quality control with ABB’s dual-arm YuMi robot08.10.2020Metal FabricationDual-arm YuMi



Robots pave the way for sustainable mobility at ABB07.09.2020E-MobilityIRB 4600
IRB 6620
Laser Welding
ABB welding robots boost productivity for world-leading cargo container producer21.08.2020Metal FabricationIRB 1410
IRB 1520ID
IRB 2600
Connected Services
Arc Welding
Dutch food company Heemskerk relies on ABB robots to deliver fresh, healthy food quickly and sustainably05.08.2020Logistics
Food and Beverage
IRB 6700
IRB 660
Order Picking
Family-run Bemic relies on ABB robots to boost productivity, job-satisfaction17.06.2020Foundry
General Industry
IRB 2400
IRB 4600
Machine Tending
Post Processing
Hundreds more respiratory protection masks every day thanks to ABB robot17.06.2020HealthcareIRB 2600
Machine Tending
Variable frequency drive manufacturer successfully implements robotic automation, now ready for more26.05.2020General IndustryDual-arm YuMiCommissioning
Hitachi Powdered Metals embraces robotic automation, boosting production 400% in a tight labor market26.05.2020General IndustryIRB 910SC
IRB 1600
IRB 360
IRB 2600
Integrated Vision
It is rocket science: ABB robot helps test extreme high temperature systems25.05.2020Metal FabricationIRB 1200Testing
YuMi delivers uncompromised quality and safety to global leader in cardiac surgery equipment12.05.2020HealthcareDual-arm YuMiMaterial Handling
iClick utilizes dual-arm YuMi® to upgrade PopGrips packaging line30.04.2020Consumer GoodsDual-arm YuMiMachine Tending
Online pharmacy Apotea achieves 30 per cent higher productivity, helped by ABB robots20.04.2020Healthcare
IRB 4600Commissioning
Building a rewarding environment with technology at ABB’s Vasteras factory28.02.2020Factory AutomationSafeMove
Machine Tending
ABB’s YuMi robot boosts competitiveness and job quality at CEJN25.02.2020General IndustryDual-arm YuMiPacking
ABB robots give Array Plastics the production line edge14.01.2020PlasticsIRB 1200
IRB 1600
Machine Tending
Post Processing
Intelligent robotic solution by ABB boosts packaging productivity for capsule maker12.11.2019Chemical
IRB 6700
IRB 4600
ABB Robotics help make sand core blowing digital01.08.2019FoundryIRB 6700
IRB 1200
Machine Tending
Post Processing
ABB supports Qisda with robotic solution for the production lines26.04.20193C
IRB 2600Assembly
ABB’s YuMi robot helps preserve half a century of tradition at Anodica12.04.2019Metal FabricationDual-arm YuMiMaterial Handling
ABB Ability™ Connected Services helps keep KOKI in high gear20.11.2017Auto Tier1Connected Services
Robot Care packages
Machine Tending
Post Processing
Forging the Factory of the Future for Olofsfors20.11.2017Metal FabricationConnected Services
Robot Care packages
Machine Tending
YuMi manufacturing sockets at ABB’s plant in the Czech Republic24.04.2017Electrical DevicesDual-arm YuMiMachine Tending
Success through smarter, collaborative automation24.04.2017Consumer GoodsDual-arm YuMiAssembly
Small company, big vision10.01.2017Food and BeverageIRB 140Sorting



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