Cleanroom robots

Designed to meet the needs of cleanroom applications

While many manufacturers want to take advantage of the rapid, accurate assembly or materials handling benefits that robotics offer, many advanced technologies are sensitive to contaminants and require strict cleanroom conditions.

ABB’s cleanroom robots are designed for manufacturing environments that need the highest levels of cleanliness and the lowest levels of particle emission without sacrificing speed or performance. ABB’s cleanroom robots are certified to ISO 14644-1, and combine reliable, fast performance to achieve high productivity and quality manufacturing for industries including life sciences, healthcare, medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and electronics manufacturing.

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Key benefits

Lower particle emission

Cleanroom robots are ISO 14644-1 certified to meet the needs of cleanroom applications.

Ingress protection

Sealed body ensures ingress protection from particles, microorganisms, and prevents leakages and ingress of liquids.

Regular cleaning regimes

Ensures cleanliness and disinfection to eliminate the risk of contamination, meeting -disinfection requirements with industry leading detergents.


Ideal for cleanroom applications

Designed to the highest standards of quality, and compliant with the appropriate ISO standards for clean environments, ABB’s cleanroom robots reduce the risk of contamination and improve the overall efficiency of your operations.


Comprehensive cleanroom robot portfolio

1. Suitability for cleanroom
2. Long term use may lead to surface/appearance deterioration 


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