Alarm Management

Dramatically improve operator’s ability to manage DCS alarms on larger sections of the pulp and paper mills. Lower costs, reduce the control room footprint or consolidate several units into one for greater efficiency, effective detection, notification, analysis and action in abnormal situations.

Alarm systems are often the back stop for controlling process safety incidents, but are often not effective due to alarm flooding or inadequate response to alarms. Nuisance and consequential alarms draws the operator focus to irrelevant tasks and can cause operational errors in stressful situations.

ABB Ability Alarm Management services regularly analyze the alarms in the process, and suggest improvements in the alarm prioritization. This improves the situational awareness of the operator. It also reduces stress levels and improves the safety of operations in situations of process upsets

With Alarm Management customers will benefit from continuous analysis of alarm history to improve operations and to optimize alarm prioritization for a safe, more profitable and sustainable operation.

The Collaborative Operations services follow a proven three-step methodology to establish a baseline and assess potential improvement areas, implement improvement actions and then establish a continuous improvement process through periodic analysis of performance. 

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  • Continuous analysis of alarm history
  • Improved operations
  • Alarm prioritization optimization
  • Reduced operator stress


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