Analytics and Visualization Services for pulp and paper industry

Visualization of information and KPI’s based on data from different data sources ensures a good situational awareness – both at the installation and at the fleet level. This helps improve the operations, but also gives decision support at the corporate level.

With ABB Ability™ Analytics and Visualization Services the plant status, KPI dashboards and other essential performance metrics is calculated and visualized automatically and in real-time – for an individual installation as well as for a complete fleet. Access to industry specific best practice figures can help focus improvements to high-gain areas.

The data can further be utilized in advanced data analytics, where new findings are discovered in close collaboration between operators, domain experts and data scientists. This resulting new customized data driven algorithms for e.g. process optimization and condition prediction.

Enterprise view

Mill's view

Big data analytics

Advanced Process Control



  • Visualization of fleet, site and business KPIs from many sources
  • Fleet overview and optimization
  • Benchmarking to industry best practices
  • Improved decision support
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Increased performance
  • Data-driven business decisions


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