The books are a result of the collective knowledge of many people and were written by specialists within the area of instrumentation engineering and quality control. Some of the authors are experts from Lorentzen & Wettre, and some are external authorities within different areas. Some of of our most appreciated publications are presented here.

Corrugated board

Testing Methods and Instruments for Corrugated Board

by Håkan Markström

Despite its 100 year history, corrugated board is a modern product for which new areas of use are still being found within the packaging industry. This handbook places an emphasis on the most important strength properties, those that affect the use of the end product, the corrugated board box, and how they can be optimized.


Paper Optics

Paper Optics – Optical and colour science in the pulp and paper industry

by Nils Pauler
The book is a revised edition and is updated regarding optical and colour science related to the pulp and paper industry. It is a unique book providing great information on how light interacts with the structure of a sheet of paper, how paper’s optical characteristics are measured, and how optical characteristics can be affected by paper and pulp manufacturing. Optical properties on printed material and new advanced optical theories are also covered.


The Ultrasonic Measuring TechnologyThe Ultrasonic Measuring Technology on Paper and Board

by Gunnar Lindblad and Thomas Fürst
This book is the work of several L&W TSO Tester Product Managers who have collected knowledge and information from paper mills throughout the world spread out over a period of ten years. The book describes measurement methods for instruments and how measurement values may be used by the paper maker in order to achieve the best paper quality and to optimize the paper machine.


Formation GuideFormation Guide

by Jean-Philippe Bernié and Håkan Karlsson
This new guide presents the PaperPerFect formation method, which provides a technique superior to other formation instruments available on the market, thus helping paper makers to produce better paper, improve runnability, and reduce costs. Further Mr. Håkan Karlsson and Mr. Jean-Philippe Bernié describe what optical paper formation is, how it is measured, how it is affected by paper making parameters, and how it affects sheet properties.


Shaping our futureShaping Our Future – The Story of Lorentzen & Wettre

by Fredrik Emdén
In 1895 there were two Norwegians, Christian Lorentzen and Einar Wettre, with a business concept. A concept that has been developed and refined over the years, but the basic idea hatched by the two Norwegian gentlemen remains unchanged: To supply advanced technical equipment to the pulp and paper industry. This story is about Lorentzen & Wettre, as the company is seen from different qualified people with experience from the business. It includes information from the very beginning, with the company’s founding until the future yet to come – great reading for anyone who wants some further knowledge about Lorentzen & Wettre.


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