OPT800 Bleach

ABB AbilityTM Advanced Process Control for tighter brightness control and monitoring of bleaching stages

Stabilize and optimize bleach operations in real time with OPT800 Bleach. The Advanced Process Control solution tightly controls Kappa reduction to preserve pulp quality, while also minimizing chemical usage and reducing formation of chloro-lignin compounds. The end result means you can consistently reach your brightness targets.

Efficient running of pulp bleaching stages is often challenging for operators, who must control numerous reactions to consistently hit final brightness targets, while also preserving the fiber strength (pulp viscosity). It’s a delicate balancing act that is influenced by many dynamic variables, both in the bleaching stages and also by the preceding digester and oxygen operations. Getting stable runs can require frequent operator intervention.

Opt800 Bleach tightly controls Kappa to preserve pulp quality during the bleaching phase. In the subsequent stages, brightness and chemical residuals are tightly controlled.  Mills can better meet their brightness targets—with 30-50% lower brightness variation and 3-10% lower chemical costs.

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  • Kappa, pH and final brightness control
  • Production rate and grade change controls
  • Pulp Tracking and pulp quality footprint
  • Real-time adaptive modelling: Automatic adjustments based on process changes
  • Higher-order model support: Captures process dynamics accurately
  • Cost optimizer: Looks for ways to optimize operational costs within process constraints
  • Automatically manage smoother grade and production rate changes
  • KPI Dashboard and control usage reports by day/shift
  • Performance monitoring, with both on-site and remote access for customers and ABB


  • Reduced pulp brightness variation by up to50%
  • Reduced chemical consumption by up to10%
  • Reduced chemical residuals
  • Reduced pulp strength variation
  • Improved pulp quality and yield
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Improved diagnostic capability using pulp tracking function

How it works - Keeping bleaching in balance

To smooth out bleach plant operation, OPT800 Bleach manages and controls production rate and grade changes, ensuring smooth transitions. The Pulp Tracking module continuously aids in monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the complete process by tracking key process parameters through the various bleaching stages and adjusting as needed.

OPT800 Bleach utilizes model based predictive control approach to accurately capture process dynamics and manipulates chemical charges proactively to stabilize pulp brightness while minimizing bleaching chemical consumption.  Control performance will not degrade over time with always-on monitoring and analysis of the APC solution.

The control system can be applied to different types of bleach plants with a variety of bleaching sequences, including all ECF and TCF processes.

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