OPT800 Cook/C

ABB AbilityTM Advanced Process Control for continuous digesters

Reduce kappa variability and achieve optimum pulp quality with OPT800 Cook/C, an ABB Ability™ Advanced Process Control solution for controlling and monitoring continuous digesters. By stabilizing the chip column movement, the solution creates a similar cooking history for all chips to decrease pulp quality variations and raw material consumption. When paired with the Kappa Virtual Measurement, which provides calculated Kappa values in the cooking zone, mills gain more frequent insight into kappa values to make corrections quicker for tighter control.

OPT800 Cook/C is an ABB Ability ™ Advanced Process Control (APC) solution that controls and monitors continuous digesters. At the core, OPT800 Cook/C, stabilizes pulp production, reduces raw material and chemical usage and coordinates the numerous loops to achieve optimum on-specification pulp quality at minimum variance. For bleached grades, this APC solution also helps minimize bleaching chemical usage.

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  • Digester level, kappa, residual alkali and blow consistency controls for continuous digesters
  • Pulp tracking correlates process and operating parameters, from chips to final cooked pulp
  • Real-time adaptive modelling: Automatic adjustments based on process changes
  • Higher-order model support: Captures process dynamics accurately
  • Cost optimizer: Looks for ways to optimize operation costs without process constraints
  • Pulp quality profile throughout digester zones
  • Reporting function automatically calculates KPIs and presents them in day/shift reports
  • Performance monitoring with on-site and remote access for customer and ABB
  • Kappa Virtual Measurement with auto-correlating calculations 


  • Increased production (1-5%)
  • Reduced kappa variation (25-50%)
  • Lower alkali consumption (2-5%)
  • Increased unbleached pulp yield
  • Lower consumption of energy and bleaching chemicals
  • Smoother production, grade and/or chip species changes
  • Decreased variation in residual alkali

How it works

OPT800 Cook/C APC program stabilizes the chip column move-ment to create a similar cooking history for all chips by ensuring consistent dwelling time within different zones of the digester. The accurate control of cooking time, alkali dosage and cooking temperature decreases pulp quality variations, and alkali and steam consumption, while improving pulp yield.

OPT800 Cook/C is applied as a fully integrated APC solution with-in 800xA.  Once the process is automated and stabilized, chemi-cal and steam usage use can be further optimized using automat-ic target management to find the best economical process con-straints--without compromising quality.

Available as a service through the ABB Collaborative Operations delivery model,  pulp mills can choose to never lose sight of APC  performance with always-on monitoring and analysis.
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