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OPT800 Cook/C

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The OPT800 Cook/C is an advanced process control (APC) system for controlling, monitoring and reporting of continuous digesters. OPT800 Cook/C helps mills personnel to produce high quality pulp consistently and efficiently. At the core of the OPT800 Cook/C is ABB’s proven model predictive control (MPC) technology. The most important feature of OPT800 Cook/C is the chip level MPC that stabilizes the chip column movement leading to stable residence times in the different zones of the digester. The OPT800 Cook/C system also consists of a soft sensor that accurately estimates Kappa in the cooking zone, which is then used by the Kappa control MPC to ensure tightly controlled Kappa and residual alkali. The optimal manipulation of H factor and alkali/wood ratio by the Kappa MPC also results in reduced steam and alkali consumption.

OPT800 Cook/C has proven profitable in many installations for different types of continuous digesters all over the world. The system can be applied to both single and dual vessel configurations, hydraulic or steam phase digesters and various kinds of modified cooking systems. The established control functions have been developed based on extensive process expertise and experience from more than 80 continuous digester advanced control installations all over the world.


  • State-of-the-art multivariable model predictive control
  • Soft sensor measurements
  • Pulp tracking and pulp quality footprint
  • Digester KPIs and control usage reports
  • Day/Shift reports


  • Reduced off-specification pulp due to production rate changes
  • Minimized Kappa variation (25-50%)
  • Increased production and yield (1-5%)
  • Decreased alkali consumption (2-5%)
  • Reduced variations in residual alkali (25-50%)
  • Improved process visibility and diagnostic capability
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