OPT800 Oxygen

ABB AbilityTM Advanced Process Control for superior delignification before bleaching

Remove maximum lignin in the O2 stage, while safeguarding optimum pulp strength levels, with ABB’s OPT800 Oxygen. By optimizing O2/alkali charge ratios and H-factor, even during inlet Kappa variations or grade changes, this Advanced Process Control solution makes it easier to produce high quality pulp at low chemical use and environmental impact. The result is maximum delignification ratio and reduced bleach loads, at the lowest possible

OPT800 Oxygen is an advanced process control (APC) solution specifically developed to give operators superior monitoring and control of the oxygen delignification stage. The OPT800 Oxygen algorithms are tailored to balance and adapt to numerous key variables, based on real-time process conditions, to maintain stable and consistent lignin removal. This helps operators achieve a constant delignification ratio, helping to reduce Kappa variations by 30-50% and chemical use by 5-10%. 

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  • Reactor pH/O2 charge ratio and temperature control
  • Production rate and grade change controls
  • Pulp tracking and pulp quality footprint programs
  • Automatic Kappa number target adjustment
  • Real-time adaptive modelling: Automatic adjustments based on process changes
  • Higher-order model support: Captures process dynamics accurately
  • Cost optimizer: Looks for ways to optimize operational costs within process constraints
  • Automatic grade change using Pulp Tracking function
  • KPI Dashboard and control usage reports by day/shift
  • Performance monitoring, with both on-site and remote access for customers and ABB
  • Task oriented and user-friendly customizable operator displays


  • Effective management of disturbances due to variance in production rates, pulp grade, wood species, or incoming pulp Kappa
  • Reduced outlet Kappa variations by up to50%
  • Reduced chemical usage in bleach plant by up to 10%
  • Improved pulp quality, consistency and yield
  • Smoother grade changes
  • Maximum utilization of oxygen delignification before bleaching
  • Reduced environmental impact

How it works - Selectively removing lignin

OPT800 Oxygen enables or facilitates selective removal of  lignin at a consistent rate before the bleaching stages by expertly managing the reactions and pH levels via tight control of the oxygen and alkali charges (kg per ton of pulp). It also maintains a constant delignification level by adjusting the outlet Kappa target – based on variations in the incoming Kappa.

The combined result is highly effective lignin removal and lower cellulose degradation, giving a stable outlet Kappa, high pulp strength, better yields, reduced chemical usage and lower environmental impact. In addition, the built-in Pulp Tracking Function helps monitor and diagnose any anomalies in the process, while also tracking the key process and pulp properties through the oxygen reactors. Plus, control performance will not degrade over time with always-on monitoring and analysis of the APC solution.

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