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OPT800 Wash

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OPT800 Wash is an advanced process control (APC) system for the control and monitoring of the washing process in the fiber line. The OPT800 Wash system helps mill personnel improve washing process efficiency, increase production and decrease the environmental impact. The APC based on ABB’s proven model predictive control (MPC) technology maintains stable washing conditions and filtrate tank levels. OPT800 Wash computes optimal dilution factor values and defoamer charge using pulp conductivity measurements while considering the limits on the filtrate tank levels. The optimal manipulation of dilution factors results in reduced alkali/soda losses, black liquor solids (BLS) and a reduction in the consumption of fresh water. OPT800 Wash also includes production rate change and grade change control functions, which help smooth transition between different grades and production rates. Furthermore, OPT800 Wash’s build-in pulp tracking function improves the monitoring and diagnosis of the washing process.

OPT800 Wash has proven profitable in many installations for different types of brown stock washing processes all over the world. The system can be applied to various types of washing equipment such as filter washers, diffuser washers and wash presses. The OPT800 Wash system consists of the state-of-the-art APC software application including installation, start-up, tuning and training service.

  • State-of-the-art multivariable model predictive control
  • Production rate and grade change controls
  • Pulp tracking and pulp quality footprint
  • Brown stock washing KPIs and control usage reports
  • Day/Shift reports
  • Task oriented and user friendly customizable operator displays

  • Increased Washing Efficiency
  • Increased capacity (1-4%)
  • Reduced soda/alkali losses
  • Reduced wash water consumption (1-5%)
  • Reduced chemical loading in bleaching
  • Reduced steam consumption in evaporation (2-10%)
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