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Traditionally, automation suppliers have offered closed environments based on their own protocols and standards. As manufacturing enters a new era, ABB has developed an integrated automation solution based on open standards and changed fundamentally the ways in which pulp and paper mill operations are run.

ABB's leadership in the development of fieldbus and open communications standards supports the most aggressive plant-wide automation strategies. By starting out with an open, integrating, architecture, our solutions fit perfectly those of others, and the resulting combinations have obvious synergistic qualities. 

We integrate a full selection of field instruments and applications, from our own broad portfolio to third-party vendors’. The open communication and interoperability enables everyone and everything to work together. This creates a complete, seamlessly expandable solution with applications that integrate production automation, asset optimization and business management in real-time.

Our customers can choose from any of the leading open protocols such as FOUNDATION Fieldbus, PROFIBUS or HART. Together with well-defined standards like OPC and FDT/DTM, this makes it easy to integrate and connect field devices to the control system. Now it’s a simple task to engineer and operate any type of process; just plug in and start to produce. 

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