Process information management

Information portal IP800xA for the pulp and paper industry

Information is a key asset for all businesses. To achieve a sustainable competitive advantage, manufacturing and process businesses must be able to adapt quickly to change. Reduced time to decision and action is critical and this makes the timely collection, transformation and distribution of reliable information a significant issue.

The Information Portal IP800xA utilizes the extended automation capabilities of the 800xA technology to provide intelligent data access and viewing functions to assist all levels of personnel in making quick, informed decisions, taking the appropriate action, and thereby improving performance.

The key benefits include:

  • Instant access to all real time as well as historical process information at your desk top
  • True thin client interface, no software installation needed at client PC
  • Easy graphic configuration by drag and drop
  • Move data to excel by drag and drop
  • Browse and search for any 800xA tags and logs
  • One common database, no duplicate configuration needed
  • Changes to 800xA logs automatically updated to IP800xA
  • No sustained load on DCS, reads data only if it changes

The Information Portal IP800xA is modularized, with a core module and a number of value adding optional modules. By this, the system can be optimized for each specific case. When needed, expansions can be purchased and the system grows with the customer's needs. Below is a brief description of the various modules.

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IP800xA modules

Trend and SPCs
QCS Profiles
Scheduled Reports
Alarms and Events
Lab Systems
Excel® Interface
IP800xA Core
This module allows users to immediately start using the features of the IP800xA such as the IP800xA Property Browser and the IP800xA drag and drop features. Bringing valuable process information to your desktops is simple. No programming knowledge is required to configure displays and graphics. The unique IP800xA Property Browser provides drill down, browsing and filtering functions for all 800xA data. Any 800xA data and display elements can be drag and drop into the displays.
IP800xA Trend and SPCs
This module provides instant access to all real time and historical trends on your desktops. It includes all standard trending features such as changing time scope, zooming, rulers, data filtering, as well as advanced features such as integrated presentation of graphical trend curve, numeric and contour maps, drag and drop of trend data into Microsoft Excel. By using the Integrated Statistical Process Charts (SPC), users can discover the cause of a problem and avoid recurrence of similar problem.
IP800xA QCS Profiles
With this module, all QCS profiles and related quality data such as grade, target and off specification limits are collected and stored long term. It provides instant access to all QCS profiles and related quality data on your desktops. Features include the ability to search for scan profiles by reel id or date and time, overlay several contour maps for a single view of several sensors together and more.
IP800xA Scheduled Reports
IP800xA makes use of standard tools like 800xA Data Direct and Crystal Reports to generate scheduled reports such as a daily or monthly report. With IP800xA Report Viewer, access to all stored daily, weekly and monthly reports in your desktop is simple. Reports are just a mouse click away.
IP800xA Alarms and Events
This module provides instant access to all 800xA events including system events such as node or network fail or recover, process events such as a property going in and out of an alarm state or an operator action such as set-point change. Typical usage includes:
  • the finding and eliminating of the cause of production disturbance by analyzing sequence of events
  • improving operator work environment by finding and eliminating unnecessary operator actions
  • analyzing of the frequency of occurrence of events
IP800xA Lab System
In a production plant there are a number of values that are not automatically measured, these values can be lab test results, budget or target production numbers etc. IP800xA Lab System enables manual input of such values. This makes the values available for calculations. Stored values can be retrieved and viewed as numbers or trends in IP800xA Client or the Process Portal. 
IP800xA Excel® Interface
IP800xA Excel® Interface, extends the IP800xA system into the Microsoft® Office® environment. Users can drag and drop data from the 800xA system into Microsoft Excel. With this application, personalized ad hoc reports can be created with live process data, statistic value and or log. Microsoft Excel functions such as calculations, charting etc. can be used to transform or analyze the process data.
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