Air Water xP air-water remoisturizing system for paper machine profile management

Improve CD moisture profiles at reel

The Air-Water xP Actuator offers advanced moisture profiling capability for a wide range of paper applications. It is designed to be more robust and much less susceptible to plugging than needle valve or solenoid flow control arrangements. It requires very little maintenance; reliability is significantly improved by eliminating the requirement for electronics in the hot and humid environment associated with remoisturizing actuators. Performance is ensured even if the water supply is less than optimum.

Other benefits include:

  • 80% reduction in profile variability and improved reel building
  • Precise, continuous flow control without electronics
  • Pressure balanced flow control maintains predictable flow impervious to wear, build-up or water pressure variations
  • Precise, homogeneous, droplet size delivers excellent sheet absorption
  • Minimum zone-to-zone interaction eliminates air-induced streaks

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