Induction xP Plus extended profiling actuator

ABB’s focus on quality combined with our new extended profiling (xP) actuators provide the accuracy, precision and speed required by today’s challenging control applications. With Induction xP Plus, paper and packaging manufacturers can reduce product variability with the industry’s most reliable, fast and flexible induction heating actuator system for CD caliper and gloss profile control.

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How it works

Induction xP Plus heats the calender roll by subjecting it to an alternating magnetic field, creating heating eddy currents. When heated, the roll will expand, narrowing the nip between rolls and compressing the paper for reduced caliper and increased smoothness. 

ABB’s Induction xP Plus offers advanced caliper profiling and sheet finishing capability for the complete range of paper making applications. Offering hybrid control zone configurations of 60 mm, 75 mm or 120 mm, only ABB’s Induction xP Plus offers the highest power density and resolution that can target paper edges and other critical problem areas, ensuring maximum heating in a concentrated area in the shortest time.

Induction xP Plus is also available with off-machine power module cabinet options to accommodate an evolving health and safety environment, which increasingly restricts access to running paper machines.

Flexible installation and configuration

The system consists of separated workcoil beam and power module cabinet(s), with a dedicated Actuator Control Center (ACC). The location(s) of the workcoil beam and power module cabinet can be separated for maximum access for maintenance and service. And, for situations where safe machine access is restricted, off-machine power module cabinets are also available.
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