Network Platform NP1200 measurement scanners

The Network Platform NP1200 is the industry’s strongest and smartest measurement foundation for on-line scanning sensors, integrating on-board intelligence for unparalleled measurement performance.

The Network Platform’s rock-solid design and powerful processing facilitates fast, accurate measurement of the moving web – even in the harshest mill environments. As an integral part of the Quality Control QCS800xA system, the platform gives papermakers the highest profile resolution and most advanced control in the industry.The Network Platform reduces overall system life cycle costs. Advanced capabilities include smart diagnostics, step-by-step expansion and complete end column access for all maintenance tasks. These capabilities also minimize downtime, startup requirements and installation time.Network Platform can seamlessly co-exist with existing Smart Platform Scanners on the same machine

The Network Platform NP1200 facilitates fast, accurate scanning and single-point measurement of all critical sheet parameters. The system provides a rock-solid foundation for on-line sensors, even while carrying multi-sensor packages at extreme pass angles across the widest sheets.The “A”-section, box-beam construction with unmatched end column strength provides superior vertical, horizontal and torsional rigidity. This stable structure is critical for precise alignment of sensor source and detector heads in harsh environments.

The exterior of the platform has no openings, exposed cables, covers or hardware. To ensure reliable performance in the harshest mill environments, the system is completely air purged and protected by advanced technology coatings.The Network Platform provides fast scanning optimized to each customer’s process. The measurement carriage rides on chrome-plated, solid steel, laser-aligned tracks for smooth traversing of the sensor head package. An optical encoder ensures precise sensor positioning for accurate edge-to-edge measurement of all critical sheet characteristics.

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