Microwave Moisture Measurements DS20+/DS30+

Microwave Moisture Sensors DS20+ and DS30+ have been specifically designed for the most challenging paper web applications where basis weight and water weights are high, and for pigmented or recycled grades where other sensor technologies cannot measure the total moisture through all the layers of the product. The unique properties of microwaves means that the moisture measurement is unaffected by ink residues, pH, inorganic fillers or colored pigments. ABB’s technology has set the standard for industrial measurement and control of total moisture.

ABB’s DS20+ and DS30+ Moisture Sensors provide accurate, reliable moisture measurement on a wide range of applications. These sensors are optimized for high basis weight and use the unique properties of microwave technologies to penetrate through the layers of thick materials.

To determine the amount of water in the sheet, these sensors utilize a ratiometric resonance technique which compares the resonance frequency of the measurement cavity and the product being measured. This frequency difference correlates to areal weight of water in the product. Conversion to percent moisture is accomplished through a proprietary ABB algorithm and the basis weight measurement or a grade code value established for the product.

The robust ratiometric measurement principle and electronic components are the industry benchmark for measuring heavy webs. DS20+ and DS30+ Moisture Sensors provide fully integrated measurements at a rate of over 1000 times per second.

Calibration is permanent, linear and easily transferable. ABB Sensors are modular and feature robust components with self-calibrating and self-testing electronics for low life-cycle costs. In addition, extensive sensor health monitoring and reporting is incorporated with all ABB sensors to minimize setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting.


  • Optimized for moisture measurement on high moisture and high basis weight webs
  • Suitable for applications with significant recycled content, high concentrations of pigments and ash where infrared technology may not be suitable
  • Measures total moisture content and is unaffected by moisture layering, sheet-surface characteristics and sheet density
  • Full-range linearization
  • Proprietary calibration algorithm (one calibration covers the entire application range)
  • Automatic standardization
  • Sample checking/reporting functions
  • Dedicated web temperature sensor
  • Self-calibrating and testing electronics, and digital configuration interface
  • Dual-sided and non-contacting measurement heads
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