Reflection moisture measurements

Reduce drying costs, get more accurate edge-to-edge moisture profile measurements and operate with confidence even in difficult locations with ABB’s patented High-Performance Infrared Reflection (HPIR-R) moisture sensor.

Upstream moisture levels and profiles have a significant impact on pressing, sizing, and coating operations. Inaccurate or lower resolution measurements can lead to a range of costly and frustrating problems, such as poor-quality sizing and coating application and higher-than-necessary energy costs.

Moisture measurement at mid-machine and wet press locations significantly optimizes press loadings to decrease energy use in dryer sections

ABB’s HPIR-R moisture measurement helps pulp, paper and board producers solve these problems by providing single-sided, high resolution and accurate moisture measurements. While it can be placed in essentially any location, the scanning measurement excels in mid-machine placement and can be applied in single point applications around the machine.
Fastest moisture measurement on the market
Taking up to 5,000 measurements per second, ABB’s patented technology used in the HPIR-R single sided reflection sensor gives you a valuable new tool to understand and improve machine operation. Each calculation is statistically independent resulting in precise, high-resolution measurement that is not affected by scan or sheet speed.

Confidence to raise moisture targets
With the fastest moisture measurement available today, HPIR-R provides the precise, edge-to-edge measurement that gives operators a high level of confidence to raise moisture targets. This improves profiles, enabling mills to further benefit from decreased steam usage and energy savings opportunities.

Tighter moisture band saves energy costs
With this advanced technology, you know the exact moisture levels at all times, allowing you to run in a tighter moisture target zone. This immediately translates to significant energy cost savings, since you don’t have to over-dry some areas of the sheet to make sure all areas are within your moisture specs. Plus, you can get on-spec faster because you always know your moisture levels, helping to increase production tons and reduce quality losses.


  •  Accurate, reliable moisture measurements, even in difficult locations
  • Superior non-contacting, single-sided reflective moisture measurement applicable for all grades
  • Fast measurements – up to 5,000 per second – with no source chopper, which does not reduce 
    signal-to-noise level or Nyquist sampling limit   
  • Concentration of infrared energy on a small spot (9mm) in MD axis provides excellent streak 
    resolution and accurate edge-to-edge sheet measurement
  • Linear response and high stability enable permanent factory calibration, with minimum on-machine dynamic verification needed
  • Simultaneous in-line Integrated sheet temperature measurement
  • Design is fully air cooled and air purged 
  • Fully digital with improved diagnostics and integration to ABB Ability suite 
  • Field replacement of all parts, with no need for sensor re-calibration
  • Insensitive to sheet temperature, passline variations, scattering properties, and dust


  • Improves end product quality with fewer rejects
  • Cuts drying energy costs and carbon emissions through tighter moisture targets
  • Increases production with better moisture management
  • Improves sizing and coating pickup performance
  • Improves machine runnability and sheet break recovery 
  • Provides the visibility to reduce CD moisture profile variability when used with ABB controls
  • Improves MD Control performance
  • High uptime reduces maintenance for lowest TCO

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