Ash X-Ray measurement

Today’s papermakers produce top quality products using a wide variety of furnishes, including recycled fibers and fiber substitutes. Many papermakers are also shifting from acid-based to alkaline-based systems, changing additive mixtures and increasing overall ash levels. These trends combine to make accurate, online ash measurement much more challenging.

ABB 2-Component and 3-Component X-Ray Measurements accurately measure ash weight on a broad range of applications. The sensors are highly sensitive to inorganic additives used in the production of quality paper, such as fillers and coatings.

ABB Sensors feature a revolutionary compact design for precise ash measurement even in harsh environments. ABB sensors offer high signal-to-noise ratio, millisecond response time, 16-bit A2D resolution and 32-bit signal processing. The 2- and 3-Component X-Ray Measurements also provide differential measurement of coat weight for precise control of the coating profile.

Pre-calibrated at the factory, these sensors accurately measure ash weight of up to three components simultaneously. With over 40 years of application experience, ABB is the paper industry’s technology leader in on-line ash measurement.


  • Meets ABB Sensor quality standards for accurate on-line measurement of ash and differential X-ray coat weight
  • High-intensity X-ray tube provides an “effective” 500 curie source strength for unmatched signal-to-noise levels
  • Integrated high-voltage power supply and filament regulator provide stable X-ray intensity for precise measurement
  • Proprietary, spectrum-shaping techniques enable high sensitivity to typical inorganic additives including any mixture of clay, calcium carbonate and titanium dioxide
  • Integrated Controlled Air Plenum ensures thermal stability even in harsh environments
  • Insensitive to composition changes of the total ash
  • Advanced, proprietary algorithm for differential measurement of inorganic coatings including real-time moisture compensation
  • Proprietary ion chamber and electrometer for millisecond sensor response
  • Powerful processing enables 1,000 measurements per second at full 16-bit resolution for the high-resolution profiles - 1 part in 65,536 at 1,000 times per second
  • Machine-direction sensor alignment and small measurement area for precise edge measurement and enhanced cross-machine control
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