KPM Sheet Break Detector - KB2 Model

Reliable sheet break detection in the toughest conditions

KPM KB2 Sheet Break Detector is recognized as the best sheet break detector on the market. In addition to open-draw applications, it can detect breaks against felt, wire or even a cylinder.  
With the latest RGB technology enabling 50 percent more light, KPM KB2 allows longer measurement distances and can operate in a high ambient light condition. The non-contact sensor is placed above or under the web to be monitored, and the air-purged system in the sensor head allows the optics to not be affected by dirt, steam or temperatures. 
With hundreds of installations worldwide, KBM KB2 is the proven choice for installations in harsh environments or where space is limited. 

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  • RGB and Infrared light measurement

  • Applicable for all paper and board grades, regardless of color

  • Non-contact optical sensor

  • Air purge system

  • Large graphical display and logical user interface


  • Reliable in harsh environments

  • Eliminate false alarms

  • Fast break detection

  • Able to detect breaks in all configurations, even against cylinders 

  • Easy to setup

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