KPM Sheet Break Detector - KB2 Ranger model

Long-distance, single calibration break detection for all grades and colors

Ensure highest sheet break detection reliability with the KPM Sheet Break Detector – KB2 Ranger model. The long detection reach provides trouble-free operations in all paper machine applications.

The KB2 Ranger is immune to changes of paper colors or grades thanks to its unique RGB profiling detection method. Paired together, the long detection reach and unique RGB method minimize paper machine downtime due to sheet breaks, with minimal care needs.


  • Freely adjustable sensor head for flexible sensor positioning

  • Monitors sheet breaks up to 1.5 meters from side of paper web

  • Immune to all paper colors or grades with one button calibration

  • One button initial calibration and automatic break profile update during operation

  • Digital filtration with built-in redundancy offers high reliability with one sensor –no chaining of multiple sensors is needed to call break reliably

  • Optional easy machine mount for easy installation on paper machine

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The non-contact, adjustable sensor head is equipped with an optimized lens packet and can be positioned to the side of the paper web, ensuring effective long detection distance of up to 1.5 meters.

The air-purged sensor head remains clean as it is not affected by dirt, steam, or high temperatures. It is also immune to all colors, grades, ambient light changes and high-intensity LED camera lights.

The single, one-button calibration during startup removes the need for complicated, grade-specific settings.

Why choose the KB2 Ranger?

  • Accurate, reliable and fast sheet break detection 
  • Continuous, trouble-free operation
  • No calibration needed for grade changes
  • Enables minimal cleaning and maintenance with air-purged sensor and side assembly 
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