KPM KS Pulp Samplers

Cost-effective and durable sample valves for all applications

KPM KS Pulp Samplers safely provide sampling from the process line while reducing the possibility for operator errors. The sampler breaks through the water layer inside the pipe, eliminating de-watering from the sampling process.

ABB offers the widest portfolio of cost-effective, durable and versatile sample valves. This includes the KPM KS2, which covers low consistency screened applications. The KPM KS4 and KPM KS6 samplers handle unscreened extractions with a cutting piston.

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  • Applicable for screened and unscreened applications
  • Manual and pneumatic versions
  • Adjustable stroke length and piston orientation
  • Flushing water connection
  • Material SS 316L, Titanium available on request


  • Provides cost-effective and high-performance pulp sampling
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Enables safe and reliable operation 
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