KPM KC9 Optical Consistency Transmitter

Full range of optical consistency transmitters for inline and bypass installations

Optical consistency transmitters are typically the only choice for measuring total consistency below 2 percent Cs. ABB offers the latest design in optical consistency transmitters covering the widest consistency range for inline and bypass installations. The variety of sensors utilizing different measuring principles ensures that each application can be covered cost effectively without compromising measurement accuracy

The sensors are pre-calibrated for quick and easy start up. After installation, one-point adjustment is performed against a laboratory test. The display unit has four selectable calibration models for applications with varying furnishes.

Inline sensors

The KPM KC9 inline consistency sensors are developed to measure single component fiber consistency in liquids from 0-14 percent.

The KPM KC9 inline sensors can be installed directly to process pipe by using Sandvik NS40 process coupling. The sensor is available with an optional retraction system, enabling sensor maintenance without interrupting the process. The compact and lightweight design ensures that installation locations for optimal performance can be utilized.

Bypass sensors

The KPM KC9 bypass consistency sensors are developed to measure consistency in liquids from 0–5 percent. The KPM KC9 product family includes sensors suitable for multiple applications, including:

  • Single component fiber consistency
  • Very low consistency applications
  • Multi-component stock total consistency measurement
  • Accurate monitoring and control of ash content

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A full system for retention measurement and control

The sensors work in tandem with ABB’s KPM KRA/KRT Retention Measurement System, used to monitor and control paper and board machine retention. Available in two options, the KRA unit measures white water total consistency as well as ash consistency, while the KRT unit measures total consistency only. 

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