Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) for pulp and paper

Identifies opportunities to improve productivity

cpmPlus OEE is a real time performance measurement and analysis software solution that improves plant productivity by identifying ways to increase Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is a standard industry KPI for measuring productivity. It consists of three components; Availability, Performance, and Quality and suits any industry or process.

With cpmPlus OEE, manufacturers can find potential for improvement and prioritize actions to increase production efficiency. cpmPlus OEE supports the implementation of productivity improvement programs and provides tools for analyzing the impact of improvement actions. For example, it can be used to evaluate the effect of an organizational change or new equipment on productivity. As cpmPlus OEE offers a standardized method of measuring productivity, it can also be used for benchmarking and unbiased comparison of different production lines within a company. 

cpmPlus OEE includes trends, process diagrams and reports to monitor, analyze and report production efficiency.The user friendly user interface with role based security settings ensure that users see the right information in the right format from anywhere that they have a connection to the company network.

Key benefits:

  • Helps to identify opportunities for improving productivity
  • Uses OEE, a standard industry KPI for measuring performance
  • Brings awareness of OEE to everyone in the organization, from the plant floor to the top management
  • Provides the tools to visualize production and production efficiency in a standard, easy to understand format
  • Measures performance in real time enabling early intervention
  • Supports successful implementation of productivity improvement methodologies  

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