Dress Code and Policies

Dress Code Policy: Attire not permitted in the training lab are shorts, skirts, sandals (open toed shoes), tank tops, and any inappropriate logos.

Governing Bodies:
Owner & Operator of School - ABB Inc.

Prerequisites: ABB requires attendance in prerequisite courses prior to attending our advanced courses. ABB offers a placement test to test out of a prerequisite course for students who feel they do not need to attend the prerequisite course due to their years of experience with ABB robots. Please call to inquire about this service.

Registration: Student registration is based on a first come basis. Enrollment may be accepted up to the start of the class. All students must be 18 years of age or older.

Training Material: All documentation is issued during the class. Any work material issued and used in classes may not be reproduced either in whole or in part. All software used in classes is the property of ABB and may not be copied or reproduced. If this stipulation is infringed, we reserve the right to exclude the person concerned from the class and to take further legal action.

Certificate of Completion: Certificates of completion are awarded to students who attend class daily for the full duration of the stated course and have demonstrated competence.

Previous Credit & Placement Services & Enrollment: ABB does not provide placement services, nor are they necessary for enrollment in ABB courses. Courses at ABB are self-contained and therefore credit for previous education cannot be applied to training conducted at ABB or by ABB instructors at your facility. Enrollment is not restricted to specific dates or time periods. Classes at ABB are conducted throughout the year and enrollment can be facilitated at any time.

Conduct: While on ABB premises, no student may use, possess, dispense, distribute, sell or be under the influence of alcohol, illegal or non-prescribed drugs. The legal use of prescribed drugs or over-the-counter medication is permitted on the job only if it does not impair student’s ability to perform the job effectively and safely.

Filming: ABB does not permit students to film, record, videotape or photograph any training session.

Code of Conduct ABB expects all of its students’ to be treated with respect, their rights upheld and their privacy maintained. ABB is committed to equal opportunity in the conduct of all of its business activities. ABB will has a zero tolerance policy harassment of any kind, nor any discrimination forbidden by law including that involving race, religion, national origin, color, disability, veteran status, marital status, age, sex, pregnancy, height, weight or any other protected status. Any student, who believes he or she has been subjected to discrimination or harassment, must report that fact immediately to the training director. Reports will be investigated and remedial action will be undertaken as appropriate.

Re-admission: Students dismissed due to conduct, must obtain training director’s approval for re-admission.

Records and Transcripts: All records are kept for at least seven years.

Training records may be obtained by sending a letter or e-mail to our address, which includes the following information: student name, address, company, course name and course dates. A $10 processing fee must accompany request. Make checks payable to ABB Robotics America.

Confidentiality: Students training records, including course materials, test scores, attendance records and evaluations, may be shared to ensure compliance with, by way of example, curriculum or continuing education requests, grant and tuition programs or other related requirements.

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