Globally Recognized STEM Certification Program

Exclusive to ABB is the SMART (Software, Maintenance, and Robotics Training) Certification Program for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which is offered to qualifying Educational Institutions.

    Program Overview
    ABB’s Certification Program equips and certifies educators to effectively implement, teach, and certify their students on ABB’s curriculum. ABB’s certification program uses active learning to provide real-world, hands-on examples and interactive labs to boost engagement and student success.

    Benefit to Educators
    • Obtain comprehensive robot training from ABB’s certified instructors
    • Become certified by ABB to effectively implement and teach the curriculum to their students
    • Save time developing training curriculum with the option to purchase ABB’s course materials catered specifically for educational institutions
    • Receive instant access to the latest in automation software and robotic technologies

    Benefit to Students

    • Receive a strong foundation in STEM - 70 percent of the student’s time is in the lab, performing real-world examples on an ABB robot to boost engagement, retention of information, and promote student success
    • Become certified on ABB robots upon successful completion of this program
    • Utilize the same robots and software as in the industry, including the offline programming software RobotStudio
    • Learn about robotic cell hazards, health and safety, and maintenance requirements
    • Learn the latest automation technology while applying STEM

    Education Program Details

    ABB’s robotic package for education includes:

    • ABB robot and controller on a self-contained mobile cart that can fit through a standard doorway
    • 100 free licenses for students at schools to use ABB’s simulation and offline programming software, RobotStudio
    • Exclusive training and certification of educators so they can train and certify their students on ABB robots
    • Curriculum for robot operations, programming, and offline programming which includes:
      • Instructor presentation, course syllabus, learning objectives and introductions for each topic organized by topic to provide instructors with pacing flexibility, lab exercises with answer keys, quizzes, mid-term, and final exam with answer keys
      • Companion student manual which provides course overviews and learning objectives along with detailed content information, and lab exercises
      • Licenses to access ABB’s online operator course
      • Certificate that states the student is certified on ABB robots upon successful completion of the program


    RobotStudio provides the tools to increase the profitability of your robot system by letting you perform tasks such as training, programming, and optimization without disturbing production.

    Top 10 benefits of using RobotStudio

    1. Risk Reduction: Robot reach, path, and cycle time is assured.
    2. Quicker Start-up: Logic and motion are already developed.
    3. Shorter Change-over: New parts easy to add by importing the CAD data.
    4. Increase Productivity: Reduces weeks of potential programming down to days.
    5. New usability features added each year.
    6. Integrated RAPID Editor: Chromacoding & syntax checking intellisense for less debugging.
    7. Available in 64 bit edition.
    8. Intuitive Design: Provides a comfortable programming environment.
    9. Signal Analyzer: Allows easy viewing of timing and handshaking, and easy debugging including joint limits, power consumption, and more.
    10. Robot Position Monitor: Allows viewing of actual robot position on screen for more intuitive program design.
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