Training Pricing

US519 Online Web Based Self-Paced Training Course $425 per person.


Instructor Led Classes

Course Length

Open Enrollment
(per seat)
Dedicated Class
at ABB or In Plant
1 Day Class
2 Day Class
3 Day Class
4 Day Class
5 Day Class

Training Certificates -
These are used for open enrollment classes at an ABB location only and expire one year from the date issued.  

Price Per Certificate
Up to 5 on one order
Between 6 and 16 on one order
More than 16 on one order
Robot Rental Price
Rental (per week) $1,000
Handling Charges $500 IRB 140 or IRB120
$850 all other robots
Shipping Charges Cost depends on location
NOTE: If any additional safety requirements are needed it is the responsibility of the plant to accommodate these requirements.

IRB140/IRB120 Robot Rental Information
    • 6x6 Floor space is needed. The footprint of each cell is 48x60x60
    • Air supply is needed for each robot rented
    • The robots weigh roughly 800 pounds
    • 110 volts is needed for the IRB120
    • 480 volts is needed for the IRB140
    • The amperage rating for the 140 (480 volts) robot is 30 Amps
    • The amperage rating for the 120 (110 volts) robot is 20 Amps

Course Information
Courses are scheduled Monday through Friday on first shift (unless otherwise specified).

All prices include:

  • Student course materials
  • USB with product manuals
  • ABB gift

Price excludes equipment rentals if in plant. 

Toolbox Training

Standard Labor
(6am - 6pm, M-F)
$195.00 per hour
Overtime Labor
(6:01pm - 5:59am, M-F and Sat until 6pm)
$300.00 per hour
Double Time Labor
(After 6pm Sat & all day Sun)
$355.00 per hour

All time, travel, and expenses are billed at actual. Travel and expenses are not included in the pricing above.
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