ABB Ability™ Life-Cycle Assessment

Smart maintenance, maximum fleet performance

Life-Cycle Assessment provides efficient tools to collect, analyze and identify the current status of your fleet of drives and motors. The assessment is powered by intelligent database services that can combine factory product information, available service offering and site service history to meaningful maintenance plans and detailed delivery recommendations. With clear documents, detailed parts lists, and pricing indications it is easy to implement the plan without fear of miscommunication or errors to ensure uninterrupted operation of your assets. 


  • Higher uptime – The life-cycle assessment takes the criticality of the motors and drives into account and highlights the equipment requiring attention to avoid unplanned downtime​

  • Optimized service budget and schedule – The maintenance actions for an entire motor and drive fleet can be planned in advance, resulting in less interruption to the production process and fewer expensive reactive repairs​

  • Empowered decision-making – Detailed knowledge about the status of the fleet of motors and drives enables you to make informed decisions about maintenance priorities and investments​

Service Highlights


Know the facts 

Tools & solutions to record information and analyze the current state of the installed drives & motors


Do the right choices 

Recommended plans for required maintenance & modernization activities


Execute efficiently

Instructions to implement plans inefficient and easy manner without mistakes

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