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Welcome to myABB portal. The portal has ecommerce functionality, a view of your installed base, support cases, service history, planned maintenance, technical documentation, training and spare parts information.

The portal also provides monitoring and diagnostic information for control systems, robots, drives and other ABB products.


Get 24/7 access to ABB 

Find more information, saving time and money

Optimize lifecycle management

Optimize lifecycle management

Minimize capital outlays and optimize operational budgets.


Improve asset performance

Plan maintained operations and minimize downtime.

Boost operational efficiency

Boost operational efficiency

Make the right operational decisions

myABB Portal highlights

Convenient access through many devices

Comprehensive dashboard with the information you want

Widgets that help you get the most from your automation assets

At-a-glance spare parts' inventory report with key indicators

Important information in just one-click


  • Customizable design with real-time data and diagnostics 

  • Ability to monitor and update technical support cases

  • Product and spare parts eCommerce capabilities

  • Overview of installations, service agreements and recommended services

  • Visibility into spare parts inventory, warranties, and product lifecycle status

  • Full access to ABB technical documentation

  • System performance and cybersecurity benchmark analysis and reports

  • Access to ABB's services through system-specific applications and widgets (i.e.  My Control System,  MyRobot and Remote Condition Monitoring)


  • Offers single-entry point to connect with ABB 24/7

  • Optimizes product and spare parts lifecycle management

  • Improves operational efficiency and productivity

  • Provides streamlined access to product and system data and diagnostics

  • Enables short-term action resolution and long-term planning

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