Enriching lives for the communities in which we operate

The 74 students at Wat Lamkhaochan primary school in south-central Thailand may not yet understand what ABB does, but certainly appreciate its role in providing them basic amenities to have a more purposeful day at school.

Supporting educational initiatives has been one of the major pillars of sustainability activities at ABB in Thailand. In the second quarter of 2017, ABB started surveying a few rural schools in the ChaChoengsao Province and found Wat Lamkhaochan School in dire need of improvement.

The existing two storey-building, established in 1987, needed renovation and the school was facing severe water supply problems due to its hilly location above a village settlement. Being at the mercy of the villagers for basic water provision and with insufficient budget to purchase equipment to upgrade, the school was finding it difficult to operate effectively.

ABB stepped in and contributed a submersible deep well pump including ABB’s own electrical equipment to the school and built a covered walkway from the main school building to the canteen so the little children would no longer need to brave the blazing sun or heavy rain when heading out for their lunch.

Moreover, to make an even more enriching contribution to their education, ABB re-designed the existing library room for the children to enjoy playing while learning. “It’s a very colorful library room with a lot of books and stories that I have never seen nor read before”, said one of the children.  The 28 kindergarteners, 46 students in primary classes (grades 1 through 6), one director and four teachers also benefitted from an improved first aid room.

“We are honoured to play a part in the educational development of Thailand and to instill the hope for a better future in these little minds. Our businesses and colleagues are actively engaged in giving back to the communities where we live and work and we hope our efforts will go a long way in enriching lives and uplifting communities”, said Chaiyot Piyawannarat, Managing Director of ABB in Thailand.  

ABB employees pooled together some money to buy shirts for all the children as well as for 4 sets of tables and seats to be placed at the recreational area next to the playground. As part of the outreach program, ABB employees visited the school and engaged the children in games and activities that they thoroughly enjoyed. But at the end of the day, with the children’s laughter ringing in their ears, it was the ABB staff that left with contented hearts from having made a small but impactful difference to their lives.

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