Cyberex Battery and Cabinet Highlights


  • Wide offering ranges
  • Tough cell containers
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Easy serviceability
  • Meet UL 94, 1778 standards
  • Various certifications available
  • Discharge rates from 10AH to 2000AH
  • Optimized for applications with various discharge times

  • Designs

  • 10 year VRLA batteries rack/ cabinet mounted
  • 20 year VRLA self stack systems
  • 20 year flooded batteries in racks
    20 year vented/valve regulated NiCd batteries in racks

  • Construction

  • Racks are available for UBC Zone 0 as well as at or below grade rated Zone 4
  • Cabinets  are available for UBC at or below grade rated Zone 4
  • Line and Match battery cabinets available
  • Standard ANSI 61 gray color

  • Communications

  • Alarm assembly in UPS LEDs for:  check battery, battery under-voltage, battery overvoltage
  • Comprehensive battery monitoring systems available
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