Key applications: Downstream

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Refiners without power protection can lose millions of dollars every year in wasted resources and materials. Minimizing electrical disruptions and preventing power failures in oil and natural gas refineries to avoid production loss and damaged equipment is crucial. Ensuring a reliable power backup for vital loads, such as DCS or emergency switchgears panels, improves the productivity of the plant.


Sibur Gas: Sibur, a uniquely positioned global gas processing and petrochemicals company, is utilizing an ABB solution for one of their substations. Four 330 kVA PCS100 AVC-40s, are providing power protection to Sibur Plastic’s workshop, “Styrene”, in Russia.

Gubkinskiy GPP: Gubkinskiy GPP is the northernmost gas processing plant in Russia. It was built as part of the “Sibneftegazpererabotka” association in 1988. Today, it is a branch of a leading gas processing enterprise JSC “SiburTyumenGaz” which main activity is associated petroleum gas (APG) acceptance and processing. Gubkinskiy GPP produces a broad fraction of natural gas liquids (NGL). ABB has developed and implemented two PCS100 AVC-40s to protect power systems for Gubkinskiy GPP. This eliminates voltage sags caused by the external power grid.


Plastics and downstream chemical processing require a continuous clean electricity supply. The PCS100 MV UPS or PCS100 AVC-40 are ideal solutions. Motors and variable speed drives might create power factor and harmonic problems and the PCS100 RPC is a well-positioned mitigation solution. The PCS100 UPS-I is used to provide back-up power for process control, security, DCS, PLCs and communication systems.


Petroleum process control: An American multinational energy corporation chose ABB’s Industrial UPS to back-up and support numerous process control units in select gas to liquid (GTL) projects located throughout central Africa. These GTL plants convert natural gas into premium environmentally friendly fuel, diesel and GTL naphtha products.
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