Key applications: Midstream

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Fuel can be saved on vessels that have shaft generators by reducing or optimizing engine speed. The PCS100 SFC is connected between the shaft generator and the main switchboard of the vessel. The frequency on the output of the PCS100 SFC is converted to 60 Hz to feed the ships loads. The PCS100 SFC can also operate in parallel with the auxiliary diesel generators, while the PCS100 RPC corrects power factor on the distribution line.


As the LNG market grows rapidly, the fleet of LNG carriers continues to experience tremendous growth. ABB has delivered power conversion systems for LNG vessels in Qatar, consisting of several PCS100 SFCs.

Pumping stations

Availability of large critical oil and gas pumping stations can be greatly improved by installing the PCS100 UPS-I and the PCS100 RPC. The PCS100 UPS-I bridges the gap from utility power to standby generator, avoiding costly shutdowns. The PCS100 RPC controls the reactive power flow into the AC network.

The threat of lost production or the possibility of damage to work in process is a central manufacturing concern. The PCS100 UPS-I features an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)-based inverter design that employs active current limitation for higher short circuit tolerance. The active short-circuit method ensures the best possible current clearing waveform, while still protecting the inverter from catastrophic failure. In the event of a load side short circuit or over-current that cannot be supplied by the inverter, the UPS logic will transfer away from the active inverter source, thereby preventing the fault condition from damaging the inverter.


Pipeline Operations: A leading multinational oil and gas company chose ABB’s true-online double conversion UPS systems to back up their pump station’s DCS systems to prevent power quality problems related to power fluctuations.
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