Key applications: Upstream

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Floating production storage and offloading

For floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) applications, solutions like the PCS100 Static Frequency Converter (PCS100 SFC) can be used for frequency conversion from the grid/onshore platform to the vessel. The PCS100 Reactive Power Conditioner (PCS100 RPC) can correct power factor onboard the vessel, while the PCS100 UPS-I can be used for power backup of the marine automation system, instrumentation and control system, electric motors and telecom systems.


Armada D1: ABB has delivered systems worldwide including the Armada D1 (previously known as the Monte Umbe vessel). Since the vessel operates most equipment at 50 Hz, some of the ship’s equipment still requires a 60 Hz supply. ABB’s PCS100 SFC is supplying the remaining 60 Hz loads.

NKOSSA II: A 3300 kVA PCS100 SFC unit was commissioned to shift power to and from 60 Hz to 50 Hz frequencies, linking LPG floating storage and offloading vessel NKOSSA II with its connecting production platform.

Offshore platform

Oil and gas platforms are located in remote and harsh environments demanding self-sufficiency in energy and water needs and rugged mechanical design. They need to house all equipment necessary to extract oil and gas to be delivered directly by pipeline or to a platform facility. In order to protect the power of critical power systems such oil pumps, water pumps and emergency systems (including emergency lighting or fire protection system). ABB offers a complete electrical solution based on voltage and frequency converters and true online, double conversion UPS systems.

Voltage and frequency regulation problems can be solved with the PCS100 RPC and the PCS100 SFC. The PCS100 SFC creates a clean bus, while the PCS100 RPC corrects power factor. The power backup for critical loads, DCS, PLCs and emergency systems can be provided with high availability and reliability by ABB’s PCS100 UPS-I. Their robust design with high IP rating, isolation transformers, modular power modules, batteries and distributions ensure the integrity of the critical loads and avoid expensive downtime and equipment damage.


Gulf Coast and Canadian Offshore: Key Gulf Coast USA and Northeast Canada offshore operations, respectively, chose ABB’s ​Industrial UPS Systems for their offshore oil ports to back up their process control units.

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