Low-voltage power protection for rail

At the core of our business is a technically advanced product portfolio of high-quality and reliable three-phase and single-phase transformerless uninterruptible power supplies.

All our UPSs provide online double conversion topology and are designed for continuous power protection of critical equipment against all power problems: power failure, power sag, power surge, undervoltage, overvoltage, switching transient, line noise, frequency variation and harmonic distortion.

ABB’s power protection portfolio is a unique line up of UPS products for critical rail applications. Industry-specific requirements as listed below are part of our standard offering for the railway sector:
Three-phase UPS 
Powerful battery charger to manage large battery banks with long autonomies (24 A [12 kW] per module)
High short-circuit capability on inverter
Operating temperature up to 45 °C (with derating up to 50 °C)
High ingress protection
Modularity N + 1
UPS power 30 / 40 / 50 kVA
Different electrification systems
Input 3 wires without N, output 3 wires without N 
Input rectifier 1 ph from catenary at a determined frequency (50 Hz or 16.7 Hz) in combination with 3 ph bypass input.
 1 Phase UPS
Single-phase system
Modularity N + 1
Battery charger suitable for medium-sized batteries
High short circuit capability on inverter

UPS systems make rail networks safer by protecting the power that feeds train signaling operations, level crossings and switches at rail junctions, and supply train control systems and sensors. Either standard UPS products or special engineered solutions such as dual frequency UPS systems can be adopted to meet these application requirements.

UPS power protection enhances rail network traffic control to ensure high reliability and the maximum use of trackway slots, guaranteeing continuous, reliable rail traffic management. UPS systems also protect the emergency and safety systems in train stations, by rail tracks and on board trains, which continually monitor operating conditions in the surrounding environment.

Systems providing fire protection, radio communications, video surveillance and emergency lighting are just some of the safety-relevant, critical low-voltage loads that require uninterrupted power supply. ABB’s standard products are tailor-made for such applications, providing the highest availability and reliability, and a low cost of installation, maintenance and service.

ABB’s power protection systems also support passenger services, such as information panels, ticketing systems, lift systems, lights and auxiliary services for rail personnel. 

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