PowerLine DPA key applications:

The PowerLine DPA UPS is ideal for ensuring a constant supply of good-quality power to industrial automation systems such as SCADAs, DCSs, etc. as well as the broad range of ancillary systems commonly found in the manufacturing and process industries such as those for sensors, valves, meters, data concentrators, emergency lighting, fire and gas monitors, telecoms and security. Other low-power and medium-power (up to 120 kW) applications are also supported, such as motors, pumps, etc. For industrial applications with heavier power demands, ABB’s PCS100 product line has a selection of suitable solutions.
In the area of transportation, the Powerline DPA UPS is perfect for supporting critical infrastructure such as rail control and signaling systems, paging and information distribution systems as well as the emergency lighting systems that are often mandatory in the transport network.
Rail control & signaling system
Istrumentation / sensor and valves
Paging & Information system
Telecom system
Control & Automation system
Security systems
Lighting system
Industrial Infrastructure
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