PCS100 AVC-20

The PCS100 AVC-20 is a power protection system designed for use in environments where an unstable network or utility voltage affects productivity.

Increase your operational reliability

The system ensures a continual, regulated supply of utility voltage where the electrical infrastructure is stressed, unstable or unreliable. A fluctuating voltage supply can affect your productivity and the consistency of your operations, leading to a reduction in the quality of products and services. Fluctuating voltage also leads to increased wear on machinery components, resulting in a greater number of malfunctions and a reduced life expectancy of your equipment. The PCS100 AVC-20’s fast, accurate voltage regulation secures your productivity by improving consistency in your operations and reducing the impact of fluctuating voltage on your equipment and production.

Reduce your costs

Brownouts, over-voltages and an unbalanced voltage supply cause motors in your equipment and machinery to function inefficiently and therefore resulting in poor use of resource; in terms of staff, materials and energy consumption. It can also cause reliance on costly back-up systems, such as diesel generators. The PCS100 AVC-20 ensures a regulated supply of voltage, helping you to streamline your operations and optimize your resource to reduce wasted capacity and improve the return on your operational investment. At the same time, the PCS100 AVC-20 allows you to use utility power, resulting in a cost saving on power generation from captive power plants.

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