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Graphic display module (GDM)

The primary user interface for configuration of the PCS100 AVC is via the graphic display module (GDM). The GDM is an 8.4’’ touchscreen user-friendly intuitive interface. The integrated navigation screen gives easy accessibility to any information on the PCS100 AVC-40, shows the system status and provides access to the operating parameters and event history. The mimic diagram gives the users a clear view of the status of the system.


Multi language support

The languages supported are:

English, French, Italian, Malaysian, Turkish, Russian, German, Vietnamese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Traditional, Chinese, Swedish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Arabic and Korean.


Remote Monitoring 

The GDM provides remote access for monitoring purposes. Following monitoring connections are available:   


Remote Web Pages

The Remote Web Pages are a set of web pages that are similar in format to the standard GDM and can viewed with any standard web browser on a device connected to the same network. Through this interface the users can remotely access the status and operating parameters. Viewing and downloading of the event history and service logs is also available. The Remote Web Pages enable users to select different languages for each remote client. 

Modbus TCP
A Modbus TCP connection is also provided via the Ethernet port of the GDM user interface. Read Only access is available to operating parameters such as voltages, currents and power levels.

PCS100 AVC-40 is configurable for sending e-mail notifications in case of power quality event or systems internal event as faults and warnings. Automatic sending of the service logs vie e-mail to ABB Service can also be enabled.



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