Cyberex® PowerView monitoring system highlights

Breakthrough Technology

Innovation in design

  • Universal backplane capable of accepting up to six (6) or two (2) functional cards.
  • Improved analog conditioning board (ACB) equipped with dedicated voltage sensing eliminates the need for multiple monitoring modules.
  • Fully enclosed electronics module with dedicated cover plates for individual functional cards allows for easy installation or servicing of functional cards while limiting exposure to hazardous voltages.

Best in class serviceability

  • Easily replace individual screw-on circuit sensors in the field, means only one circuit is effected, not the entire panel.
  • Only power down individual branch, not entire panel.
  • Minimize costs and downtime.

PowerView Core

A single circuit management module can be configured to gather current, voltage, power and energy data in the following distribution devices.

  • Branch circuit management (BCM)
    Up to six (6), 42 circuit panel boards (252 poles)
  • Sub-feed circuit management (SFCM)
    Up to (65), 3-wire or (60), 4-wire sub-feed breakers
  • Combination circuit management
  • Panelboard branch breakers and sub-feed breakers can be combined in a single configuration
  • Main-feed circuit management (MFCM)
    Up to four (4) sources in multi-fed RPPs can be monitored phases, neutral & ground

Powerview Pro

The PowerView Pro takes critical power monitoring to the next level by combining circuit management functions of the PowerView Core tier with additional system monitoring features.

  • Advance power quality metering
    • Revenue grade metering accuracy, compliant with ANSI C12.1 - 2015
    • Harmonics measurements up to the 35th harmonic
    • Waveform capture at the individual circuit level
    • Global time synch via NTP

  • Automated thermal monitoring
    • Eliminate risks associated with manual thermal scanning with PowerView Pro thermal monitoring for improved safety.
    • Thermocouple Input Board (TIB) accepts inputs from thermocouples positioned within your equipment to monitor actual temperature data.
    • Set alarm limits for individual thermal sensors to better identify loosening of bolted connections and ensure equipment is operating at optimal efficiency.

  • Intuitive and flexible
    • User-friendly, touchscreen display for easy navigation through improved menus and screens.
    • Customizable naming for individual circuits or panels.
    • Ability to create custom groups of circuits and establish alarms at the custom group level.

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