Cyberex® PowerView monitoring system specifications

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System Specifications

Voltage Up to 480/277V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Branch current rating 60A or 100A
Polling intervals
256 circuits less than or equal to 2.5 seconds
Max branch conductor (60A) #6 THHN (6.4mm OD)
Max branch conductor #4 THHN (8.4mm OD)
Depth 12.9"


                                                                        PowerView Core         PowerView Pro
Basic metering/monitoring                                   Standard                    Standard
    - Primary and secondary of transformer
    - Branch circuit management –
      Up to six (6) 42 circuit panelboards
      (252 circuits)
    - Sub-feed circuit management –
      Up to (65), 3-wire or (60),
      4-wire sub-feed breakers
    - Main-feed circuit management –
      Up to four (4) sources in multi-fed RPPs
      monitored: phases, neutral and ground
    - MIN current
    - MAX current
    - kW (power)
    - kWh
    - kVAr
    - kVA-load
    - kVAh
    - Max energy demand
    - Power factor (PF)
    - Crest factor
    - Total harmonic distribution (THD)
       Up to 9th order
Advanced communication                                     Standard                    Standard  
    - Communicate valuable system data to building
      management systems (BMS) or local display
    - Protocols available: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
Serviceability                                                          Standard                    Standard  
    - Modular chassis design; easy to upgrade
    - Plug connectors for circuit sensors simplify
      maintenance; no power off required
    - Only power down one individual branch;
      not the entire panel
Panelboard compatibility                                      Standard                    Standard
    - Fits most panels: ABB, GE and Square-D
Accuracy                                                                   +/-2%                        +/-1%
Harmonics measurement                                      Up to 9th order          Up to 35th order
Waveform capture                                                 Not available              Standard
Custom circuit naming/numbering                       Not available              Standard                 
Custom circuit groups                                            Not available              Standard
Global time sync via NTP                                       Not available              Standard 
Breaker status monitoring                                    Not available               Optional
Thermal monitoring                                              Not available               Optional
 Technical specifications are subject to change without notice.

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